Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

I've danced this song a few times with Bob & a few times with other people. I dunno, I think it's my song. I always have good dances to the song. Last night included. :-)

I didn't dance as much as usual last night. I was busy flirting with someone & wasn't overly inspired by a bunch of the music that was playing. A fun evening even though a particular someone didn't go.

I got home earlier than normal for dancing on a Tuesday night. I didn't leave much earlier than normal either. I'm quite glad that I went dancing even though my parents didn't want me to go due to the snow. It didn't come until a little while ago, so it's a darn good thing I went. I wouldn't be a happy camper right now if I had stayed home from dance when it didn't snow.

Even though I got home early-ish, I got out the door later than lately this morning. I was being stupid. Took me forever to make my lunch & dinner. Then just getting myself together to get out the door. Oy. And then on the drive in I made a wrong turn which ended up being a dead end street. Worked out well 'cause I ended up getting a close parking spot 'cause someone was leaving as I came in, so no complaints here.

Lately I've been on a non-junk food kick. So, I'll have one piece of chocolate a day. One Dove Promise. It's cool 'cause they've got these writings on the inside of the wrapper. A lot of them are rather silly & get repetitive, but lately I've gotten 2 I hadn't seen before & they're rather appropriate for me:

Make time for you.
Go easy on yourself.

It's quite difficult to do both these things, I've found. There are too many things that I want to do. I can't not dance. As fun as dancing is, I don't consider nights where I dance nights off. The one-way hour long ride is quite draining. On nights I don't dance, I'm at work until 9 or so playing with the FIRST kids. Then I like to try to do something more than pass out once I get home from that. I've been cleaning bits & pieces of my room. I'd like to actually get into a routine of doing pilates. It just seems kinda silly to do pilates on nights where I have spin class at work. Getting up earlier in the morning to do them before work isn't going to happen; I have a hard enough time just getting my butt out of bed & into work at a reasonable time.

Let's see, any other random things? Ah yes, I decided I'm going to NADC instead of FIRST nationals. That's all for now though. No complaints. :-)