Sunday, February 01, 2004

All she wants to do is dance...

Yet as much as I wanted to dance, I couldn't pull myself away from doing math with the FIRST kiddos Thursday night. They even told me to leave. I couldn't do it. I was mad at myself for a little while, but I got over it. It was a stupid thing to be mad over. BUT, to make up for my not dancing Thursday, I went out to Swing City on Friday. I had SO much fun. It was fun pretending that I knew how to do lindy. :-) I got some crap for not showing up to dance Thursday night, but I think I made up for it by crossing over into his true dance scene. Learned a lot from him. Definitely want to learn more lindy & give the dance some time of day - or night. ;-) All this even though I ended up on my butt at one point during the night involuntarily & a ton of bruises all over me.

I had no problem leaving FIRST early on Saturday for dance. Helped that the kids I was working with helped force me out. I learned so much from Robert Royston's workshop. He's amazing. I set up a private with him at NADC, I can't wait for it. On top of learning a ton of stuff, I had a lot of wicked awesome dances with people. Made me wake up this morning rather on the sore side of things.

And now, I get ready to go to FIRST. And then I bring a bunch of FIRST kiddos to the superbowl party at dance. Should be a blast. I just hope there are enough leaders for all the girls I'm bringing... :-P