Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Same old thing.

Work, FIRST, dance, sleep, repeat daily until February 24th.

'course, in a way, it wasn't the same old thing, the FIRST kiddos rocked & had a blast at the Superbowl party & dance. It made a lot of people wish that night that they had started the dance as a teenager. :-)

I went dancing Monday 'cause there were reporters from The Boston Globe there to see what WCS was all about to write an article about it. It was cool that I carpooled with someone, but it sucked that he slept on the ride home. Oh, and there was a new guy at dance who's really cool. Hopefully we'll get him to come to more dances than that one since I likely won't be frequenting that dance.

Damn the snow last night. Made it so I didn't go dancing. I got to bed early, but I got up later than normal & got into work later than the rest of the week. Ah well, will just have to work late some night(s) this week.

I find out by tomorrow morning if I get to stay out in Cali for the week after Capital Swing for testing. I really hope that it happens.

Hmm, I guess it wasn't really the same old thing. I danced on a non-dancing night, I didn't dance on a dancing night, I might get to spend a lot of time in Cali soon...