Monday, January 26, 2004


Specific to dance, when I've had a private or a practice, afterwards I try to focus on something to fix. I try my darndest to focus on just one thing, but when I'm focusing on that one thing, a whole lot of other things come into my head to work on at the same time. Kinda defeats the purpose of focusing on only one thing at a time to fix that. Even when I'm not dancing I'm trying to fix dancing related stuff. Like my posture. Not that it's horrible, but when I'm walking around work I'm thinking keep your head back or use your lats to pull your shoulders down or tuck your hips a bit to arch your back less or oh yeah, you're supposed to push off the back foot, not pull yourself forward with the front foot when you walk. Yikes. Way too much, but I don't feel I can do just one 'cause they're all connected; all together it's overwhelming. *sigh*

Oh, and sometime I want to visit the eye doctor so I can get my vision checked. I don't want to mess my vision up 'cause I'm sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours a day with my focus at arm's distance only...