Thursday, August 14, 2003

Not So Annoying Club Challenge Tryouts.
Anne did things better than Bill did - a Jack&Jill format. Only thing was that Marcus was the only leader who wanted to do it. So, the tryout was kind of like a birthday jam: Missy, Macy, Steph & I all took turns dancing with Marcus. The representatives were chosen by the audience cheering. I took 2nd to Missy where the cheer levels were really too close to call.

Since I didn't "win", I went around asking dancers that I respected about what they thought of my dances. I got some good things to work on. Bob told me that he just favored Missy & has liked her dancing for a long time - she didn't do a lot better than me in his eyes. Brian, on the other hand, really thought that I should've won. I'm a very solid dancer & nobody can get me off my center. He didn't see any reason for Missy to win.

Too bad he wants to buy a house instead of doing a routine with me. *sigh* the way, I wasn't disappointed with this club challenge tryout, in case you couldn't tell.

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