Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Originally posted on my normal blog at 15:07:20 on the 4th April:

So, I've been feeling ill lately. Kept me home from work today and Monday. Sent me home after only an hour of being at work Thursday. It's just a cold that's not getting better after 6 days. And my normal headaches that hate me. They're worse than usual. That's been what's been keeping me home. My head has been hurting a lot more when I'm vertical instead of horizontal. Makes it quite difficult to go to work that way.

Upon mom's request, I went to visit a doctor here about it. And he pretty much told me that it's just a cold and my normal headaches from what I told him. He gave me some ammoxicillin as a preventative for getting worse & said there's nothing in my chest, throat or ears. And he gave me the UK equivalent to Tylenol as well and told me to take it 4 times a day. Hopefully it'll help.

On a lighter note, Wednesday night I went to go see Mamma Mia with Eric & the party crew. I didn't associate too much with the party crew, but went with Eric 'cause we wanted to see the show. I don't like the party crew. I don't want to get to know them or make friends with them. I'm never going to see any of them after this trip. But the show was wicked awesome. :-)

Hopefully I'll feel well enough to go see some more of London, and maybe even a show or two. 35 more days...

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