Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Grr, I tried posting, but it didn't like what I wrote. Now I've lost it.

Saturday I was feeling well enough to roam around the city and see stuff and take pictures of it and see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged with Eric & James. James is cool, a senior, and he's not immature. And he's random, fun to talk to. Nice to get away from the alcoholics.

Sunday was laundry and grocery shopping and chillin' with Eric & James.

Yesterday I made lemon pepper chicken & potatoes, but mom told me the wrong temperature for those, so they didn't come out right. The boys still liked it though.

Project is coming along well. We're going to start making toys soon. More on that later if I make it back to an internet cafe when I'm not all frustrated with blogger.

I've gotten 2 letters from mom. One on Thursday when I came home sick from work and one again today. She also sent me pictures. Yay!

31 more days until I see the love of my life, my family, and all my friends.

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