Saturday, April 19, 2003

...okay, attempt number 3 for writing up this post... See, I got a good way into the post, and then when I was trying to delete a whole word via ctrl+backspace, I accidentally hit alt+backspace and it deleted my whole post. Stupid freakin'... Anyway...

I'm SO pissed off right now. Both Melissa & Alex are in Paris right now. They left at some God-awful hour on Friday morning. They're not going to be back until wicked late Monday night. We've got the draft of our whole report due on Tuesday afternoon. They didn't even offer to help writeup anything they night before they left on Thursday evening. SO, where's that leave me? I get to finish it up all by myself. Granted we've been working on sub-sections and getting them critiqued as we go, but there's still a ton left and their writing sucks.

AND we brought our whole project home on Wednesday night so we could work on it at our flats on Thursday when we couldn't go work at the Tower. We spent more time than desired Thursday morning getting our writeup all set before Alex & I went to buy fabric for one of the toys we're making. When we were going to get that, Melissa was supposed to be stopping by the Tower to pick something up and then coming back to Alex's flat to use the internet to look up our bad citations so we could make them better. She decided to take a nap instead so she didn't actually get any work done. ARGH!!

So, my whole project is in my flat. I s'pose that if I get enough of my writeup done (or if I need a break from it) then I'll work on putting some of our stuff together better than it is right now. I really want their input on stuff before I do all too much. Oh well. Stupid kids...

On a happier note, Rick gave me a call tonight. :-) It'd been a while since I'd gotten to talk to him since I've been so busy working on my project and trying to see London. We talked for a bit before I cut the call short so I could make dinner for Eric & James. I'd spent the day seeing more of London with them. I like chillin' with them and seeing things. We've got a bunch of the same interests in what we want to see and visit.

I'm waiting to receive a package from home. Mom sent one to me last Saturday and supposedly it's going to take 4-12 days to get here. It's been 7 so far! Hopefully it'll come soon. :-)

Each day that goes by, the less and less I want to stay here longer than I need to. Eric's prolly gonna hate me for that. Oh well. I just want to get back home to familiar territory with my family and Rick and my friends. And my dancing. *sigh*

Only 13 to 19 more days left...

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