Friday, June 19, 2009

Sermon Notes 6/14: "Following the Spirit" 1 Thessalonians 5:19-28

  • "following the Spirit" sermon 1thess5:19-28
  • God is committed to me & i have to be committed to joining Him & letting Him change me.
  • i should not be content with staying the same. i want Him to change me to be more like Him!
  • the Holy Spirit is Gods main tool to mold me. i need to learn to let the Holy Spirit in.
  • the Holy Spirit is fully God,not just a part of God. combo with Father & Son to make the Trinity. Holy Spirit fulfills the plan of God.
  • Gods redemptive work began when i accepted my Savior. i have to continue it.
  • Holy Spirit resides in me & is with me always. God accomplishes things in this world through me with the power of the Holy Spirit!
  • human effort doesnt accomplish the will of God without the Holy Spirit.
  • i am responsible to be receptive & responding to God via the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus. not religion with a list of dos & donts.
  • the Holy Spirit light the spark within me. i can fan the flame or extinguish it.
  • what do i want most? more of me or more of Jesus? ...duh!
  • i have to give Jesus all or nothing! partial just doesnt cut it...
  • i cant accept the Holy Spirit if i am self seeking. i have to desire God & His fruits. bad attitudes & actions are crap & push God away.
  • when i am empty, i can be filled.
  • receive Gods truth. listen, believe & accept Gods truth. dont forget to apply it!!
  • if a bro/sis in Christ corrects me based in His Word, do it! respond listen follow His direction. do i have that heart for God to surrender?
  • the Holy Spirit has a monopoly on my life!
  • i pray that Gods desire will become my hearts desire...

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