Monday, June 01, 2009

Sermon Notes 5/31: "On a Mission from God" Matthew 5:13-16

  • sermon "on a mission from God" matthew 5:13-16
  • its time for transformation into people who are intentional in touching this world
  • loving people shouldnt be second nature but FIRST nature
  • get out of the pews into the world to help people!
  • missional "go & serve" vs attractional "come & see" churches - the extremes.
  • the culture has shifted (esp in new england) away from "come & see" the church therefore we need to adjust to be more missional
  • i need to go out & touch peoples' lives!
  • i have to GO to be effective. i dont serve my purpose being stagnant (salt sitting in a jar or a flashlight on but standing on a table)
  • the church only gathers to recharge so they can go into the world to serve
  • MY LIFE IS NOT MY OWN! Jesus bought my life with His blood & my life is His.
  • i have to make the choice to live my life for God. choose it!
  • show people God's love by loving them
  • be careful to not lose your saltiness! need to build up regularly in God as we go out to share it.
  • when going out into the world dont be judgemental - be loving. its God's job to change hearts - not mine.
  • we arent forcing the gospel on anyone. just go build relationships & be genuine.
  • go meet people where they are.

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