Monday, March 23, 2009

Sermon Notes: Night & Day 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

(courtesy of using my cell phone to twitter my notes...)

  • o/~ change my heart oh God - You are the potter, I am the clay o/~
  • todays sermon "night & day" 1 thessalonians 5:1-11
  • good or bad people arent whats at stake; child of God or not is what is at stake. Life WITH Jesus or punishment BY Jesus.
  • i dont belong to the darkness!
  • i am not let off the hook by knowing Christ; i have more responsibility.
  • i need to wake up & wise up! Know who i am in Christ.
  • i am set to rule with Jesus. I need to act with responsibility in who i am. It is NOT a burden.
  • i must be alert & on guard. Why did i stay up until 430a last night? Must wake up & live according to Jesus. Get my -spiritual- coffee!
  • dont be spiritually indifferent
  • people in the darkness arent aware of spiritual truths
  • when i am asleep to Gods calling i am stirred regularly to actually wake up. I need to get up instead of choosing to stay asleep.
  • dont stay asleep to God just cause its too comfortable. Get up & think clearly about God!
  • the end of the world is coming. Wake up & be disciplined & be alert & be watchful. Be aware of what might lead me back to the night.
  • what i do with what God gives me should be well thought out - money, time, words. Consider my life in what it should be in Christ!
  • what do people go out into the night/darkness for? Trouble. Nothing but trouble.
  • have spiritual poise in an unsettled world. Light up the darkness! Light up our world!
  • how do we do it? Put on our spiritual armor with a clear mind & the confidence of our salvation. Faith, hope & love.
  • find delight in God. Be joyful in my intimate walk with God!
  • have a genuine love for people no matter what they may have done to you or what they may be.
  • Dont do to others what they do to you. Just do good. Even if they are mean be kind to them.
  • Thats a weapon that pierces the darkness!
  • I can get broken bones for my faith. It will bring me to dangerous places. BUT i am the light of the world!
  • I have a new identity & destiny so i have a responsibility. Go do something with it in obedience. Get out in the world & meet people!
  • the world says there is no right & wrong; if you can avoid consequences, do it. God calls us to be light in the dankners; do whats right.
  • o/~ turn your eyes upon Jesus o/~
  • ...the advantage to being on the couch to elevate my knee out of the sanctuary is that i was just able to tweet my sermon notes. I like!

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