Monday, March 16, 2009

The pain...

I've gotten pretty used to being single.  I'm pretty okay with it at this point, even.  Valentine's Day came & went.  I didn't spend it alone.  I went to my parents' place 'cause my sisters were home from college for the weekend.  I forgot that daddy-o got mom tickets for them to see Blue Man Group that night for Christmas; I got there only an hour before they left.

Okay, I'll just chill with my sisters.

Not bad.  A & I play guitar hero, while B is on her laptop doing something.  A gets bored of playing after a while, so I end up playing by myself, with them watching & laughing at me.  I was playing GH3 & got through the first 7 "levels" of the game on hard.  I was psyched!  Of course, it was on my parents' Wii, so I'm currently slowly working through it on my own system.  Anyway, fast forward to later in the evening...

Valentine's Day dance that night.  I was pretty excited to go, even though A decided not to.  I was less excited when I got there 'cause barely anyone was there.  A few of my favorites were there, so that was nice.  Why is my knee hurting so much?  Oh well, I'll just dance anyway. Guess I shouldn't have spent 6 hours playing guitar hero on the couch with my foot tucked under my other knee. Yeah, you heard me. Six hours.

Fast forward to now - a month later.

My knee still hurts.  I've been to the doctor twice.  I haven't danced since; I even canceled my trip to MADJam.  Dancing doesn't fit into the rest/elevate/ice/repeat directions with a prescription of ibuprofen.  Since there was vast improvement in the 1.5 weeks between seeing doctors, I was instructed to keep with the conservative route of rest/elevate/ice/repeat & ibuprofen.  After shoving my knee in various directions, my primary said there's nothing torn - but I haven't had an MRI.

I'm so tired of not dancing.  I'm not eating right 'cause I feel so dejected.  I'm sick of hanging out on the couch; you wouldn't believe how many DVDs I've watched recently.  I'm craving participating in some sort of physical activity.

C'mon knee, get better!

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