Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Annoyed & tired turned into an overall good night.
I got to dance around 5:45 like I was supposed to for the NESD dance team. The ride from work to Arlington Elks was horrible. I had apparently gotten lucky the week before with the traffic ordeal. Annoyed.

NESD dance team practice starts & Bill starts reviewing, in detail, the same stuff we worked on the week before. More annoyed. Then people ask questions about stuff Bill had been explaining for the previous 10 minutes or stuff totally unrelated to the routine that had been mentioned before. Even more annoyed. At the end of practice, we barely got 8 beats past where we ended the week before. So annoyed that I got tired.

I ate my turkey dinner (yum) & had a drink with Wendy. I didn't so much want to do the group lesson & took a nap on the couch-like thing in the bathroom. It ended up being a good thing that I took a nap.

The dance starts. Brian, Macy & Willow showed up (yay fun people) & I had some neat dances. Marc came & I had a handful of great dances with him. DJ Jon played some great music. I think that & all the cool dances I had made the night good in the end.

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