Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sermon Notes 6/28: "The Benefit of Suffering" 2 Thessalonians 1:1-5

  • sermon "the benefit of suffering" 2thess1:1-5
  • how do i understand the problems i face if i am not in tribulation? when will the day of the Lord begin? what should i do while waiting?
  • pain in my life doesnt have to steal the song from my heart.
  • how is my faith & how is my love? the world can test both.
  • why must i suffer? what causes it? 1. DIRECTLY because of my faith. just cause i believe in Jesus & nothing else.
  • by & large our world system is not friendly to God - therefore it will hate me too...
  • believing in Jesus puts me at odds with the world.
  • 2. INDIRECTLY because of my faith. ex: not given a job due to being a Christian.
  • 3. because of my SIN. i do it to myself. bad attitude, behavior. i jeopardize my blessings from God. way to suffer consequences...
  • 4. because of someone elses SIN. no guarantee of protection from others' sins.
  • 5. because the world is full of SIN. God doesnt always save people from natural disasters or sickness - even the saved.
  • 6. because of SATAN. he likes to make my life miserable just cause im human. moreso cause i live for God.
  • BUT the good news is that in each case god has a PLAN! find comfort in that. rom8:28 God brings about good from every circumstance for us.
  • through suffering we... 1. can GROW in FAITH & trusting Him. He is more concerned with my spiritual wellbeing than my physical.
  • what do you do in your hurts & pains? you grow in God. get closer to Him.
  • 2. are ADMITTED for the KINGDOM. the harder my life is here the sweeter heaven will be.
  • 2cor4:17!! my pain isnt the end of the story. trouble WILL come my way; listen to Gods voice.
  • never waste a good crisis. let God grow me through it.

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