Monday, April 02, 2007


Sunday seemed to be a rather lazy day for me. I'd gotten to bed around 10:30p the night before, which was earlier than expected since I forgot my book at Tim's place the day before. I only woke up a couple of times overnight, and lazed around in bed once my body was done sleeping since I didn't want to wake up. I got slightly caught up on mySpace, took as long of a shower as I'm able to at my house, and even made it to church a few minutes early for once.

Church was quite enlightening as well. I'll get to posting my notes sometime soon - quite a lot this week! I took my time leaving church to socialize with the people I had dinner with the night before, as well as someone I'd talked to quite a bit last I'd seen her. I got home, and mom was wonderful & offered to make me pastrami (since they had it without me for dinner the night before). It was quite tasty!

As tempting as it was to just laze around my room and do nothing, or watch movies, or dance DVDs, or tool around on the internet, I managed to refrain from it. For quite some time I've wanted to go through my closet to get rid of clothes that I haven't worn in years. Mind you, my "closet" consists of two sets of Yaffa blocks stacked 6 high with a rod and shelf going across them. Well, I actually started working on it. I pulled out a lot of clothes that I decided to give to Goodwill or Salvation Army. I went upstairs to ask my sister if she had extra space in her closet for all the dresses that I rarely wear. When I got downstairs & back into my room, my "closet" tipped over! I really shouldn't have tried to catch it...

I'm sure that after seeing this that it comes as no surprise to you that I'm a pack rat. I never wanted to admit it, but here I am. I am a pack rat! You wouldn't believe the number of empty cardboard boxes I had piled up in my room! They came crashing down everywhere... And there were just so many clothes that got tossed across the room. That didn't even include the clothes that I had already gone through and deemed as donations! Since the shelves came flying outwards, they catapulted so many things out of them. All my FIRST shirts ('cause I've been collecting for a really long time) all came down to the floor in one area. They remained mostly folded, so it was quite easy to ask mom to put them away for me without needing to direct her too much. Needless to say, I am quite thankful for all of her help. I don't think I would have gotten nearly as much done without her!

Oh, did I mention the sheer amount of hangars that I had? Most of them weren't even being used! I just didn't want to throw them out, just in case I might need them to hang something. Not that I had any space in my closet anyway. It was jam packed! Anyway, beyond that, we slowly waded through the mess of my room that happened, though progress didn't shine through.

It took a while, but we managed to put the closet back together. That was quite heartening - I even saw some floor - until I looked at my bed. After sorting, I managed to fill 2 trash bags very, very, very full of clothes that I didn't want to hang onto any longer. Mom & I joked around with my sister that she put the bags in the back of her van & sell them to her friends for $2/item.

After about 5 hours after the fall, my "closet" was pretty much back to its "normal" state - though with quite a lot less clothing. When we first started, mom didn't think that I was going to be sleeping in my bed last night. I actually managed to do it! I even packed my gym bag before bed & picked out clothes to wear to work... It was a really exhausting day - did I mention that I was grateful that my mom helped me so much? Near the end, I was on my own, but that little extra effort gave it a ton of closure to make my room look much neater - don't you think?

I'm glad it was such a productive day. I really had plans to do all this cleaning, I just didn't expect to get this much done in all day! Funny how God forced my hand to just get it done yesterday... He's so good to me!

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