Saturday, June 28, 2003

Last night, I went to Tequila's with some of my dance friends. Good times were had. Ivanna & went to the restaurant part of the place and sat at the bar. She ordered her drink and her dinner, and our bartender came back to say that "people under 18 can't sit at the bar." I laughed and tossed my ID at her and she couldn't believe that I was over 18. Then I ordered a drink with her telling me that I couldn't drink. So I tossed my ID again and she couldn't believe it even more that I was 21. I finally got my drink after I'd gotten carded 2 times by the same person within 2 minutes. The guy bartender couldn't believe I was 21 and served me a pineapple to prove I was 21. I found out after the fact that it was saturated in fermented tequila. Um, yuck. It was absolutely disgusting. Lou & Jon came in a while after and was served a pineapple. Lou & Jon each had a bite and decided they weren't going to finish it. Lou finished it off after I mentioned that I finished mine all by myself. The rest of the night was doing line dancing & a couple west coast swings. Fun times.

I'm starting work on Monday. I can't wait. I've been sooo completely bored during the day procrastinating cleaning my room. I'm just not looking forward to having to be at work by 8am.

The Monday after 4th of July, I'm going on a diet with mom & Allie. Hopefully it'll work.

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