Monday, June 30, 2003

If you would believe it, there used to be a time where I wasn't addicted to any of my computers. I think those days have long past, and I regret it. I would leave away messages up all the time, and I would be out and about visiting people or talking on the phone. Heck, even just spending time for me without letting anyone know where I was or how to find me. Hmm, thinking about it now, that might've been when I was at school & barely spent any time in my room and did my work away from computers. I still had the damned leash of a cell phone with me, though.

I may complain about the leash of the cell phone, but when I forget it, I feel really lost. Not so much 'cause I can't receive calls, but 'cause I'm left without all those phone numbers beyond what I've memorized, and there's always the chance of getting into an accident or lost of some form. I use the phone as my address book, really.

Back to my original rant. I'm back to using my computers quite a bit. Downloading mp3's like it's going out of style, chatting with friends over AIM, cruising various message boards, playing Yahoo! Canasta, sending emails every now and then. Granted, I really love catching up with friends I haven't talked to in a while (namely, Daniel), but a lot of the time I sit with my laptop for hours doing nothing productive besides burning my lap. I haven't even figured out why my wireless connection doesn't like to be recognized by the other computers on the network.

I want to get back to the times where I'm not addicted to the computer. I don't want to be checking my email to get nothing but junk every 5 minutes. I don't want to waste hours playing canasta, as fun as it is. I don't want to have pointless conversations with people that don't go too deep.

I've got a ton of pictures I took while I was in London that I'd like to do something with. Print them. Photo-album them. Webpage them. Something of the sort.

I'd like to make a webpage that's my own domain ( that's mainly devoted to my dancing stuff, linked to personal stuff about me. I want to learn how to do HTML or XML or something of the sort to make the page look like non-sucky-@$$.

When I was in London (hey, that's one of the places where I barely used computers!), I got back into reading books. Mind you, I really should've been out seeing London instead of reading, but that's beside the point. I've sorta gotten back into reading since graduation. I read Neil Gaiman's American Gods & Harry Potter (you be quiet JT), but beyond that, I've only started reading another book that I can't remember where I left it.

I also started doing a cross stitch bookmark thingy. Haven't touched it lately.

My room's a mess. It needs to get clean.

Sure, I dance, that's not on the computer, but not enough.

And beyond all that, I like more guys than I know what to do with right now & have no idea what any of them think of me. *pouts*

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