Sunday, July 01, 2007

Waste of my Life.

I was quite excited yesterday that I finished my homework & it didn't take too much time. Got that out of the way before leaving for vacation Wednesday morning. So, given that, I had big plans for today, but nothing really firm.

Go to church.
Do some laundry.
Go hike a mountain with my journal & my Bible to spend time with God to try to listen to some answers.
Pack for vacation.
Go to bed early.

Well, I was out late last night dancing, where I danced maybe 8 times - I spent a lot of time catching up with someone that was visiting from California. On the ride home I had prayed that when I put my iTunes on random, that God might speak to me through the songs that came up. Well, the next song on the radio seemed to answer that prayer, so I had to go buy it on iTunes & stayed up even later.

Yeah, I overslept & didn't make it to church. It felt good to sleep, but I didn't go last week & won't go next week 'cause I'm out of town for dance. So blah. Then I head upstairs & start playing a game on the computer, have lunch with my family (where most of us are in our PJs still), and then go back to the silly game.

Here it is, after 3:00 & I haven't done anything - still in my PJs, unshowered. My baby sister is out with mom getting a laptop for college (yay high tech graduation presents), and she asked me if I'd go to the gym with her after they got back. Now what? I don't really want to shower before going to the gym. Maybe I could start laundry since I'll be showering later. It really would've been cool to go to a mountain, though.

*sigh* I don't know what to do.

I just hope that I end up doing more than nothing today...

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