Friday, March 17, 2006


I am a pure astigmatic. I'm rare, apparently.

I had a very much overdue eye examination today. Apparently, being an astigmatic means that my primary issue with my eyes is astigmatism; most people have it as a secondary problem. On top of that, my ability to focus on something 16-18" away is "off the charts" -- no wonder I can study for such long periods.

On top of doing well on today's exam (:P), I got my hair cut. Nothing major. Just a trim, to clean it up a bit. It snowed this week, so it's too early for my summer cut. I got it blown dry & was informed that my hair was "different. ...poofy." It's a rarity this gets done -- I find it a waste of time. Ah well, pretty hair for today without hairspray.

Speaking of exams, I did rather well on my final exam: I got a 73. Compared to a 41 on the midterm... Yeah. I found out yesterday that I got a B in the course & will be able to get my $$$ back. So psyched.

To continue on the theme of random paragraphs, I had a blast at dance last night. The local J&J was last night and since I'm in advanced, I couldn't participate. Ah well, it was fun to watch & make my sister laugh at my whilst she was competing. :D I love her too much to not be obnoxious. Anyway, I woke up quite sore this morning, in a good way. I need to wake up like that more often. To feel like I actually exerted energy. 'cause then maybe it would mean that I'm losing weight. Things that make you go hmm...

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