Saturday, October 04, 2003

Changing the look.
I didn't tell anyone I was getting anything done. I hadn't realized that I would've been changing it so much when I started my day.

The planned part of the change was getting my hair cut & highlighted. Highlighting isn't anything new, it'd just been quite a long time since I'd last gotten it done. The not quite as planned part (of the haircut) was getting my hair layered. I didn't totally know what I was going for when I went in, but luckily Kim is awesome & knows how my hair work & made it look good. :)

The unplanned part...

Well, my hair was done a bunch earlier than expected. There was a sale at Kohl's where for every $50 you spent, you got a $10 gift certificate for the following week. Well, the combo made me go to Kohl's for quite a while. Started off at the jewelry counter & bought my first ever girly (non-sports) watch. I also got some necklaces & rings & earrings. (Bling bling!) When I signed up for my Kohl's credit card (extra 10% off for the whole day!), I asked about the sale that mom had told me about, so she gave me 2 of the gift certificates even though I'd only spent enough for one.

Then there were clothes. I bought a lot of them. I prolly shouldn't have bought a bunch of them, but that's 'cause I didn't pay close enough attention to which stuff was on sale & which wasn't. Ah well, I got some cute stuff.

AND all those gift certificates! :-D

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