Monday, July 28, 2003

Not quite so housebound.
So, unexpectedly, Bonnie didn't put up a fight with me. I asked her if she'd go dancing with me and do the beginner lesson. Originally, I was going to bring her Tuesday, but it's the last one of the month, thereby the most advanced. Since I wanted to bring her when the 'rents weren't around, I brought her to Longfellow Saturday night.

We got there just on time for the beginner lesson. She didn't seem like she wanted to be there at first, but then Sue Cath complimented her quite a bit since it was her first night & she was doing really, really well. Bonnie even did some of the styling things, not just the basics.

She thinks that the dance is crazy. She also thinks that I am as well, but they don't call me Crazy Kate for nothin'. I danced with her quite a bit. She reminded me of me when I was screwing around with the lead to the music; she just kind of stood there waiting for me to really start leading again with her arm extended.

Oh yeah, and she hates me. All 'cause I asked a bunch of my (really good leader) friends to dance with her so she'd have more (a better) experience than just dancing with me. Every time someone came to ask her to dance, she'd refuse & tell me that she hated me. I wouldn't let her say no & after a bit of a play fight, she gave in and danced with them.

Michelle & Marc were great. She got along rather well with them. She laughed along with Michelle quite a bit, which was good. And then there was Marc. He picked on her quite a bit, quite entertaining from my side of things. He mocked her by making comments that weren't too far off from what she would have been complaining about.

All in all, a good night. She even slept for part of the ride home. She's willing to do it again sometime & won't even mind if Allie comes along as well. I might even get to bring her out Tuesday night, though that depends on how tired I am from work.

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